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A Garden Retreat with a Japanese Twist in The High Peak, Derbyshire

I visited this garden a few weeks ago to see how it had developed.  It was constructed in 2011 and the planting has now filled in well and looking lush and gorgeous.

It is in the High Peak Derbyshire.

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The main objective was to create a garden design that the client could easily maintain and enjoy.  The client loved Japanese gardens after holidaying in Japan and requested that the design had a Japanese twist.

A terrace close to the house was created using Yorkstone paving.  Comfortable steps lead up onto the second level that leads to a second seating area under the pergola. The pergola is also a focal point from the house and terrace. A water feature is also on this second level that can be heard on the terrace as well as under the pergola. Lighting was also incorporated so can be enjoyed at night.

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The design, planting and materials reflected the Japanese theme, using granite Japanese lanterns and water feature. The pergola was also in the Japanese style.  The garden is a shady garden so plants such as Acers, Bamboo, Pines, Aquilegia, Crocosmia, Carex, Euonymus, Fatsia were used, which have all worked well providing a lush relaxing haven to relax and unwind at the end of a busy day.  (All photographs by Meg Hodson Photography)

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