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Incorporating children’s play into a family garden

There are huge benefits to encouraging our children to play outside and connect with nature, so to be able to do this within a garden setting is important and will lead to much happier children to those sitting inside in front of the TV or computer.  Children engage in more creative forms of play when outside, they play more cooperatively, it reduces stress.  Their social, psychological, academic and physical health are all is improved when they are connecting with nature outside.

Incorporating children’s play, (particularly natural play) into the family garden doesn’t have to be an eyesore and can be easy to do. No more bright red plastic swings or climbing frame which is prescriptive.  Encourage your children to use their creativity and create opportunities for more exciting play!

Top Ten Ideas for Building Children’s Play into your Garden.

  1. Sink a trampoline so it is less intrusive in the garden as well as safer.
  2. Set aside an area of the garden just for play and screen the edges with ornamental grasses, bamboo, pleached trees or trellis to allow you still to see through.
  3. Incorporate hooks for swings on pergolas or arches.
  4. Provide an embankment slide of you have a change in level.
  5. Incorporate a sandpit into a deck area with a cover, so when not in use it can appear just as a deck.
  6. Climbing walls can be incorporated against play houses, sheds or even the side of the house!
  7. Attach a rope swing from a tree
  8. Create areas for dens and play houses. It encourages kids to use their imagination, engage in role play, etc
  9. Fill a gorgeous bowl with water to provide hours of fun (supervision required)
  10. Use natural materials which blend into the garden setting