St Matthews Church Community Garden, Hayfield

St Matthews Church Community Garden, Hayfield, High Peak, Derbyshire

Space 2 place is assisting Kinder Kids Pre-School and St Mathews Church with their outside space. The space, once built, will be used by Kinder Kids during the mornings for outside play and the other times it will be used as a community garden.
A consultation evening took place this week and was met with great enthusiasm from a variety of user groups such as Sustainable Hayfield, parents, church warden, local Councillors etc. The area will be multifunctional. kept very natural incorporating fruit and veg growing areas, sensory beds, seating and areas where play, reflection, relaxation and exercise can take place. Craft Workshops could take place, coppicing plants such as Cornus and Hazel. Sculpture and art work from children and local artists could also be incorporated. A faculty application needs to be made to the Dioceses and local planning approval is required.
Pledged funding from David Mellor’s council community initiative fund and funds from a legacy from Dr Crosby have already been approved. Kinder Kids Pre-School group are looking to seek funding from other sources such as awards for all.
Outline plans can be viewed in the foyer at St Matthew’s Church.

Top Pool and Terrace

Late Summer in the Walled Garden in Derbyshire

Considering the plants are in their first season and they have had to endure extremes of cold during the long winter and hot dry weather this summer, the garden is looking lovely. I cant wait to see it next year.

Edge planting to the Vegetable Areas

Herb Garden

Phase 2 of planting is expected over this Autumn…


The Forest Garden at Whitefield Primary School in Liverpool

We visited this school again last week to see how this recently completed forest garden is looking and being used. The children love the area, particularly the sandpit and water, as well as rolling down the mounds. I look forward to visiting again and seeing the area mature.

Outside Teaching Area


Raised pond focal point

Work Continues in The Walled Kitchen Garden in Derbyshire

The hard landscape work is complete and we are now concentrating on the planting. The cut flower area looks fantastic and as the tulips go over they are being replaced with cosmos and other annuals and perennials.

Cut Flower Garden in the Kitchen Garden, Derbyshire




Whitefield Primary School, Liverpool, Forest Garden

The forest Garden is almost complete and looking good.

Opportunities for natural play are provided with posts that can be used to make dens etc.

Small mounds add interest and height as well as encouraging children to develop their motor skills and physical fitness.

There is a large sandpit with a water pump and basins for digging and water play. There are many benefits from this sort of play – as well as being fun and helping with creativity and imagination, children learn a wide range of skills. Motor skills and hand-eye coordination are learnt from pouring water and marking in the sand. They start to learn science from the behaviour of water when it is poured from one container to another and from floating and sinking objects. Sand play can help with counting and measurement skills, shape comparison, and “less” and “more” concepts.

There are two large areas for outside teaching, which are surrounded by posts to attach bright coloured canopies to provide shade and shelter. (The canopies and picnic benches are being installed in the next few weeks).

There is a growing area for fruit and vegetables and plants are grown such as Cornus and Hazel that are to be coppiced for craft work shops and den building. There are also sensory plants such as grasses, bamboo, Lavender and Buddleja. There is also a trundle track with differnet textured paving and raised performance space.



The woodland planting to the rear of the site will be the next phase, hopefully the next planting season.