Winter Interest in the Newly Planted Walled Garden, Derbyshire

Lowther 4Structure is very important, providing the ‘bones’ of the garden. Box and Yew balls, Yew pyramids and standard Holly topiary, as well as box hedging, provide the skeleton to the garden throughout the winter. During the rest of the year, their clipped forms contrast against the ‘fluffy’ perennials, herbs and vegetables.
Cotoneaster horizontalis, seen above in full berry in December against the far stone wall, also looks stunning.


Cornus alba Elegantissima and Cornus sericea ‘Flaviramea’, seen below being newly planted just before Christmas, look fantastic with their bright red and yellow stems. I am looking forward to the rest of the planting going in after Christmas and seeing it establish over the next few years.


Grass’s, such as Stipa and Miscanthus seen in these pictures below, taken in November and December look great and provide excellent winter interest, even the deciduous varieties.